Oatmeal muffins with blueberries
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An alternative to classic porridge, great for BLW. These oatmeal muffins with fruit are very simple to make and the effect is delicious, very nutritious, filling and healthy. Me and my hubby were munching them no less intensely than the main recipient of the dish :-)
Muffins are moist inside, soft, firm and full of fruit. You can use other fruit (fresh or frozen), for example raspberries or strawberries. Frozen fruit should be defrosted earlier.
Oatmeal is one of the most nutritious and healthiest foods. They provide long-lasting energy, they are a great source of fiber, vitamins and minerals, they have a positive effect on the digestive system and immunity. Oat flakes have much more advantages, so they are worth including them in the child's and family diet.

For whom?
7m+, if you use coconut or other plant-based milk. In case of cow milk - adding it to such dish isn't forbidden and can done almost at the beginning of expanding the diet (in small amount), but I introduced cow milk rather late. Decide on your own :-)

Ingredients for oatmeal muffins with blueberries:
  • 150 g blueberries
    (about 1 cup)
  • 130 g instant oat flakes
    (about 1 1/3 cup)
  • 1 egg
  • 2 medium, ripe bananas
    (about 350 g - weighted with skin)
  • 125 ml coconut milk or cow milk
    (1/2 cup)
  • 10 g buckwheat flour
    (about 1 medium heaped tablespoon)
  • coconut oil or clarified butter to grease the muffin tins

Recipe for oatmeal muffins with blueberries:
  1. Prepare muffin tins - cover them with oil or butter.
    I prepare 12 muffins from the given proportions.
  2. Crack the egg into a bowl and whisk with a fork.
  3. Mash bananas with a fork in a separate dish.
  4. Put the oven to 180 °C with hot air circulation.
  5. Combine egg, bananas, oat flakes and milk, mix everything together.
  6. Add the flour and mix the ingredients.
  7. Add fruits and mix only to evenly combine the ingredients.
  8. Put the mass evenly into the muffin tins with a spoon.
  9. Bake in 180 °C with hot air circulation for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes switch the oven to heat only from the bottom. Bake for another 7-10 minutes (after 7 minutes, you can reduce the temperature in the oven).